Monday, August 6, 2012

Another day...
STOP. Think and go ahead.
Sort of like this sign.
Interesting shot on the street....I don't know where the owner was at. Probably walking the neighborhood or maybe getting something to eat or drink. There was no shortage of establishments to visit in this area.
I think so many of us just like taking random shots of ordinary things.
It makes us feel us comfort that things are in order maybe?

The interest here is in the details.
Just an unique and pronounced structure in a place where you least expect it. This arch lead to a quiet tree-lined area with nicely manicured grass, clean simple benches placed with a pleasing symmetry...all nice lines - the arch, the pathways and park itself. I could sit there for awhile...people watching, eating some lunch or just reading a favorite book. Maybe I would listen to some music. The nice thing about having all the fun gadgets and technology...I could read a book or listen to Bocelli, just with my iPhone...
I like that. It is peaceful and calming and a good way to get away from all the distractions in life. Those are places we all need to visit.

Yeah. I did eat it was too good.
Funny thing though. Since it was Bison it is 100 calories less and less fat. It didn't feel like it was too much either. Of course the restaurant cooked it to perfection, along with the baked sweet potato (which was fluffy and very good) and asparagus. Perfect pairing. I think this is a meal I will want too often. LOL.
OK - I better go workout. Thinking of the calories inspires me...

"Anytime anybody pulls you down, Anytime anybody says you're not allowed, Just remember you are not alone,...In the Aftermath..."

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