Friday, April 18, 2014

Hounding the Light...
Light Hound

I have come to learn that I really do like 'writing with light.' (well that is the direct translation of what the word photography means!)

This is a classic portrait of a young hound/pointer named Oliver.
I was able to capture this image in a moment..and then he was gone. Getting a dog - let alone a young one - to sit still is a monumental task!

As you look through the gazillions of portfolios of other photographers you will see a trend away from some of the classic work. It seems everyone has some sort of 'light' source injected into the shot and it is not real. Well, not always... Okay, I don't have a problem with changing things up a bit but sometimes it is just nice to see the photograph. The image I envisioned before I pressed the shutter.

Here it is.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

In the Distance...
Chicago Bridge

Sometimes life seems to have it's own handle. It appears to take off on a path we haven't designed. I feel that way so often anymore. It is unnerving to me. I dislike it quite much.

Almost like this older photograph I took 2 years ago.
Going out into the distance. Following a line. Fading away.

Many days photography helps me feel more grounded. More of a purpose or a creative output on days when I just am not focused. At all.

It probably is just my age but it makes me sad on the inside.
The only recourse is to just keep going . . .  as in this line.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Down the road; early Winter

There are many ways to look at subjects. Sometimes properties get distorted. Sometimes we might want them to be distorted.
Almost all of the time we want to give a certain point of view. Had I crouched down a bit more this scene to the right it would no doubt look different. 

This is a normal point of view with maybe a 'smidge' of perspective distortion with the width of the road coming right at us. That seems to be okay since it is a road. Were it an arm, nose or foot that might not really be a good thing! But the line of the road is more forgiving.

A walk in the Winter Woods
Now this perspective is an intentional method of causing the viewer to think as well. Intentional, impressionistic motion with the camera. This was not blurred/manipulated in photoshop or with other software. I only used my camera.

I purposely set out to photograph the woods in this manner. It was a technique I wanted to try. 

I decided one would look nice on a canvas on my wall. 
Maybe a converted black and white?
I love impressionistic paintings, they are some of my all time favorites and am thrilled with the ability to control this in camera. Again, the distortion is not something that is too suited to body parts...just points of view... it makes you think.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Standing Alone; a Grand Canyon view

When I look into this photo I think of so many things.
Standing alone is just one thought.

Are we alone or are we simply in some sort of abstract line, headed towards a particular direction? 
As with this tree standing alone on an isolated rock formation, aligned in sight of the river ahead.

The light seems to play it's part in this scene as if to emphasize a point. 
At least to me.

Are you drawn to the tree and then outward to the winding river in the background? Or do you stay on the rock, in a comfort zone of security?

Does it send a message to you in some way -or- can it simply be a peaceful and colorful scene to just reflect upon?

Personally it does both for me. I love to look into a photograph or painting and pull something back out for my own use. Selfish me.

Did I shoot this intentionally for reflection into the future? Sometimes I really do wonder.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Favorite views...
River view at the Desert View WatchTower

I think from my journey out west this has to be one of my favorite views.
Immediately when I look at this photo I am struck with the sensation that this is from somewhere in the past, as if I might be looking at an old Western painting.
The surroundings apparently do this all on their own

Your mind tells you it is a photograph. You know it is a photo but the swirls of color and the twists of foliage try to trick your mind.

The fog enveloped us quickly and then just as quick as it covered our view - it was gone. I climbed down from the watch tower and waited. Every few minutes the view changed and just at the right moment this beautiful cloud rose and the river could again be seen. And before you knew it, the sky grew dark and the fog fell once again.
This went on for quite awhile. Precious moments of sunlight popped through and this is what you would see.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Light and shadow...
1 mitten @ Monument Valley

I enjoy toying with the idea of light and shadows in a composition. I believe deeply that as an individual I do not take pictures but instead I 'design' to create a photograph that I can work with and enjoy the end result.

I look at the light and the resulting shadows and how that might mix in with all the other elements I pull into the viewfinder. Hopefully it draws you in as well.

I keep posting these red-dirt photos. I really do have so many and am spending a large amount of time sifting through them to pull out the ones I like. 

I like this one. It was taken while hiking for a short period in the valley. Gnarly trees are always a draw for me. The depth of the shadows and light in the shot interest me, along with the many variations of colors in the sky and terrain. 
Top it off with a dash of the vastness in the area and it is another scene I can go into.

Valley of the Gods B&B

This one was taken the next day. Not too much to play with as far as shadows go. It was smack dab in the middle of the day. Not really the best time to shoot. But the idea of this B&B here in the middle of virtually nowhere was amazing. It reminds me of something from the Old West I suppose.

Both venues were vast and quiet. The warmth from the earth was calming. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze. There is that desire here to just head up the road. . .

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mile Marker 13, Utah/Monument Valley
I love shooting and painting paths or roads. 
In some way I have always felt like I might be in the road myself or on that path through the trees. 
This is an image that I know many people have shot, if they were ever fortunate to make it to this spot on the earth.
It is mile marker 13 just inside Utah. 
It leads to Monument Valley from here. (Made famous in the Forrest Gump movie, where Forrest ends his very long 'run.') 

The view is awesome. The fog was just lifting when I shot this. I want to go back and see this again in a different light. I look forward to it.

As in the valley you find yourself immersed in the surroundings. The wind does whistle a little bit but it feels good. I enjoy becoming engulfed in a scene and this one is no different. I find myself going down the path. Making a journey out of it.

Valley of the Gods, UT
As you travel further away from the Valley you come across some very interesting spots. It seems I have too many photographs to even begin illustrating what I mean. From the red rock, San Juan River and the wonderful artwork of nature on the mountains - you can go into the Valley of the Gods and be all alone. For miles. It gives you pause; for the weights you may have seem no longer there. A very spiritual, extremely unique and beautiful place.

If only everyday one could feel this peace, this wonderful emotion that all is well with the world. I guess it is something to work towards.