Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Standing Alone; a Grand Canyon view

When I look into this photo I think of so many things.
Standing alone is just one thought.

Are we alone or are we simply in some sort of abstract line, headed towards a particular direction? 
As with this tree standing alone on an isolated rock formation, aligned in sight of the river ahead.

The light seems to play it's part in this scene as if to emphasize a point. 
At least to me.

Are you drawn to the tree and then outward to the winding river in the background? Or do you stay on the rock, in a comfort zone of security?

Does it send a message to you in some way -or- can it simply be a peaceful and colorful scene to just reflect upon?

Personally it does both for me. I love to look into a photograph or painting and pull something back out for my own use. Selfish me.

Did I shoot this intentionally for reflection into the future? Sometimes I really do wonder.

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  1. Another tremendous capture! Personally, I love the contrast between the sharp, hard rock and the soft expanse of the sky. The clouds take the edge off the formations in the distance, making it all look less frightful; more inviting. The tree really does seem to say, 'we are all in this alone'. You did an incredible job of composition to elicit emotion and to take advantage of an awe inspiring view. I'm sure you can still feel every moment.


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