Friday, January 17, 2014

Down the road; early Winter

There are many ways to look at subjects. Sometimes properties get distorted. Sometimes we might want them to be distorted.
Almost all of the time we want to give a certain point of view. Had I crouched down a bit more this scene to the right it would no doubt look different. 

This is a normal point of view with maybe a 'smidge' of perspective distortion with the width of the road coming right at us. That seems to be okay since it is a road. Were it an arm, nose or foot that might not really be a good thing! But the line of the road is more forgiving.

A walk in the Winter Woods
Now this perspective is an intentional method of causing the viewer to think as well. Intentional, impressionistic motion with the camera. This was not blurred/manipulated in photoshop or with other software. I only used my camera.

I purposely set out to photograph the woods in this manner. It was a technique I wanted to try. 

I decided one would look nice on a canvas on my wall. 
Maybe a converted black and white?
I love impressionistic paintings, they are some of my all time favorites and am thrilled with the ability to control this in camera. Again, the distortion is not something that is too suited to body parts...just points of view... it makes you think.


  1. I always enjoy your conversations on 'perspective'. I learned quite some time ago that doing something different just for the sake of being different doesn't produce quality. I like the balance of the road and the heavier tree line in your first shot. The second shot with your 'Intentional Camera Movement' produced some soft dreamy colors. So much fun and room for interpretation.

    Amy, since moving into our new home, we have loaded the walls with canvases of our own work. Never enjoyed our purchased prints this much. With your own, there is always a memory and emotional response that goes with it.

    I savor your pieces and learn from your work.

  2. just love it. Love the perspective on this beautiful canvas, dear Amy.


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