Thursday, February 20, 2014

In the Distance...
Chicago Bridge

Sometimes life seems to have it's own handle. It appears to take off on a path we haven't designed. I feel that way so often anymore. It is unnerving to me. I dislike it quite much.

Almost like this older photograph I took 2 years ago.
Going out into the distance. Following a line. Fading away.

Many days photography helps me feel more grounded. More of a purpose or a creative output on days when I just am not focused. At all.

It probably is just my age but it makes me sad on the inside.
The only recourse is to just keep going . . .  as in this line.


  1. This photo is just my style. I love the giant rivets and the feeling of mass this imparts. You are so right about the perspective in the photo, as well as philosophically. I have always been a plodder. If you are willing to look around and observe while you are putting one foot in front of another, you WILL see something that touches you in some way. Take the time to fully absorb and enjoy it and the journey becomes worthwhile. Yes, this shot sits well with me. . . .

  2. I am just sending you my love along with admiration for your photo and especially also the philosophy. (love Sharon's comment too, here. Yes, age could have a lot to do with it. And it seems to get worse (or better, depending on how you look at life....)xoxox


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