Saturday, November 16, 2013

Favorite views...
River view at the Desert View WatchTower

I think from my journey out west this has to be one of my favorite views.
Immediately when I look at this photo I am struck with the sensation that this is from somewhere in the past, as if I might be looking at an old Western painting.
The surroundings apparently do this all on their own

Your mind tells you it is a photograph. You know it is a photo but the swirls of color and the twists of foliage try to trick your mind.

The fog enveloped us quickly and then just as quick as it covered our view - it was gone. I climbed down from the watch tower and waited. Every few minutes the view changed and just at the right moment this beautiful cloud rose and the river could again be seen. And before you knew it, the sky grew dark and the fog fell once again.
This went on for quite awhile. Precious moments of sunlight popped through and this is what you would see.

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  1. Amy, it's drop dead gorgeous on it's own merit, but your discussion adds to my experience when looking at the image. To me, a photo is so much more than it's technical worth. You have taught me a lot and given me cause to stop and absorb. I wish I could have been there with you.


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