Monday, November 11, 2013

Light and shadow...
1 mitten @ Monument Valley

I enjoy toying with the idea of light and shadows in a composition. I believe deeply that as an individual I do not take pictures but instead I 'design' to create a photograph that I can work with and enjoy the end result.

I look at the light and the resulting shadows and how that might mix in with all the other elements I pull into the viewfinder. Hopefully it draws you in as well.

I keep posting these red-dirt photos. I really do have so many and am spending a large amount of time sifting through them to pull out the ones I like. 

I like this one. It was taken while hiking for a short period in the valley. Gnarly trees are always a draw for me. The depth of the shadows and light in the shot interest me, along with the many variations of colors in the sky and terrain. 
Top it off with a dash of the vastness in the area and it is another scene I can go into.

Valley of the Gods B&B

This one was taken the next day. Not too much to play with as far as shadows go. It was smack dab in the middle of the day. Not really the best time to shoot. But the idea of this B&B here in the middle of virtually nowhere was amazing. It reminds me of something from the Old West I suppose.

Both venues were vast and quiet. The warmth from the earth was calming. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze. There is that desire here to just head up the road. . .


  1. This is my favorite so far! Love the entryway you have created in your frame using the gnarled trees; tremendous character that makes me deeply appreciate the worn, weather beaten scene even more. The processing is first rate with the coloring producing a jaw dropping piece of art. I guess the best compliment I can pay is that I always want to hop a plane to the exact place you have shot. Salute!!!

  2. Had to come back and look at this again. Showed it to my husband and he had the same reaction as I did; that the view through the craggy old trees is stunning. Put this on your wall, girlfriend!!!


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