Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mile Marker 13, Utah/Monument Valley
I love shooting and painting paths or roads. 
In some way I have always felt like I might be in the road myself or on that path through the trees. 
This is an image that I know many people have shot, if they were ever fortunate to make it to this spot on the earth.
It is mile marker 13 just inside Utah. 
It leads to Monument Valley from here. (Made famous in the Forrest Gump movie, where Forrest ends his very long 'run.') 

The view is awesome. The fog was just lifting when I shot this. I want to go back and see this again in a different light. I look forward to it.

As in the valley you find yourself immersed in the surroundings. The wind does whistle a little bit but it feels good. I enjoy becoming engulfed in a scene and this one is no different. I find myself going down the path. Making a journey out of it.

Valley of the Gods, UT
As you travel further away from the Valley you come across some very interesting spots. It seems I have too many photographs to even begin illustrating what I mean. From the red rock, San Juan River and the wonderful artwork of nature on the mountains - you can go into the Valley of the Gods and be all alone. For miles. It gives you pause; for the weights you may have seem no longer there. A very spiritual, extremely unique and beautiful place.

If only everyday one could feel this peace, this wonderful emotion that all is well with the world. I guess it is something to work towards.


  1. I read your description and musings, and then I stared. I became lost in your captures, not much of anything going through my mind except the raw beauty of the scene. A GREAT photograph takes me somewhere else and these remove me from behind my desk. Amy, these are awesome. You are an accomplished photographer and I am thrilled you have shared these.

  2. Thank you Sharon - coming from someone so talented means so much - you are always too kind! :)


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