Friday, October 11, 2013

It has been awhile since I have posted anything.

I was fortunate to visit this place.
"Mittens" @ Monument Valley

I want to go back. Now.
The emotions attached to the land, the people - are felt immediately when you enter the property.

Time stands still when you look out to the 'mittens' and to the other impressive buttes and 'sandcastles' around you.
This is Navajo land. Dine Biitah. (Among the People)
Everyone was welcoming. Friendly and helpful. We would talk with people to learn as much as we could in such a short time. Learn about the area and the culture, the people. It was all so interesting.
The hotel/land here is a simple MUST visit before you die. 

The air is still with the exception of an occasional breeze at this moment. You can feel there is a storm off to the south.

Hiking through here is amazing. You feel you are almost on another planet or in a different time. That emotion of pride and awe fills automatically when looking out on the valley. Peaceful, quiet and so beautiful.

No photograph or video can capture this - even though I have done my best to try. There is a strange calling to this land. As if it is drawing you in; into the red valley - deeper into the paths once taken before you. 
All I can do is click the shutter. . .


  1. Girlfriend, this photo took my breath away!!! I love the progression from the sage in the foreground, to the blown red dirt to the stone formations all the way to the muted sky. Awe inspiring for sure. I would print this on a very large canvas for my wall. A large size print will reinforce the impression of vast open air beauty. BRAVO, my friend. One has to take a slow deep breath when viewing this spectacle.

  2. how absolutely beautiful. Sharon is right: this should be on the wall. I wished I could be there right now and perhaps the peace and tranquillity would soak into my body and soul. I am so glad something made me come here tonight. Thank you, Amy.


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