Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the Leaning Tree

Sometimes we feel just a little off. Like something is lingering.
This was an interesting shot of this leaning tree.
It seems out of place. Just a bit. But yet, it is still in balance with it's surroundings.

I think we all get out of tilt at times. Finding the right framework to stay balanced is difficult.

This following story is very simple but so true. 
We all fall into this 'framework' in our lives.

"There’s an old Sufi story about a man who dropped his keys on the dark side of the street at night, then crossed the street to the lamppost where it was bright to look for the keys. When a friend asked why he was looking under the lamp instead of where he dropped the keys, he replied, “I’m looking here because there is more light.” 

That’s what we do with our lives: the familiar framework is where we want to look. If we have a problem, we follow a familiar framework: thinking, stewing, analyzing, keeping the crazy business of our lives going because that’s what we’re used to doing. 
Never mind that it doesn’t work. We just get more determined, and keep searching under the lamp-post."

Let's try not to search for things where we know they will not be!


  1. Amy, I love love tilted trees. Well, I probably love lots of stuff that is tilted. Took quite a few pics of trees during my lifetime, some of them really ancient and tilted by old age. I like your thoughts on this and the story though I am pretty sure that I would be looking where I dropped the keys. Dropped my nailfile this morning and I looked where I thought I heard it fall, hehe. (needless to say that I needed the grabber to pick it up....grrrrrrrrr.)

  2. I'm baaaaack!!!

    I love this image. Like you've said, there are so many ways you could interpret this vision. I look at the beautiful way you have presented this subject and I think of 'just keep on keepin' on'. Beauty can take on so many forms. Really like your composition with the tree leaning to the right and the horizontal line including the red barn leading off the edge. This presentation is a real statement. I've missed your fantastic photos.


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