Sunday, November 11, 2012

Looking out the Conrad, down to Rush Ave
This is a photo that makes one think...everyone is going somewhere.
I watched out this window for awhile.
Always intrigued by all of the activity!
It was a nice view...

Just another day of going about one's business.
Time certainly does not stop!

I never did make it into "Joe's"...there is always next time.

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  1. I totally enjoy this style you have developed for your urban photos; strong lines, vivid coloration and perspective to draw the eye in. In this one, I love how I can read the signs easily and especially like the red dots of all of the tail lights. Lots of good eats up and down Rush. Hubby was home this weekend, so a little too much indulgence in good eats. The treadmill is calling me.................. Later, later.

  2. I am unable to comment with knowledge the way Sharon does. She knows HOW and cares about the quality. I only care about how it looks, haha and to me it looks 'interesting'.


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