Monday, July 23, 2012

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I had to go and run to the grocery again for some things and I always walk past the floral section first.
These colors just popped out at me. (kind of like those sunflowers last week!)
So I pull out the little camera (not my iPhone either) and shot a few photos.
Beautiful and vibrant and not much editing at all in CS6. The colors are true....I normally like to mute or soften my photos to give a classier look to them but I stuck with the color for these. They wouldn't be very spectacular without their color; or would they?
I guess there are bright spots out there...

Yummy and colorful... 
The colors in this dish are quite different from the flower!
I made this last night for dinner....some steamers (baby clams in shell) with linguine, grape tomatoes (fresh) and asparagus. The steamers were cooked with garlic, herbs and butter. And only 70 calories per serving! Not bad...of course, the linguine? A different story there.
It was very tasty!

OK. Keeping with today's theme I will use another color photo, or at least one with color as is.
I love the reflection of the clouds in the lake in this one and hadn't really thought much of it until I pulled it up today to see it closer. 
I took this in 2010 so it has been sitting there.
As I reflect on this thought I decide that I should work with it more...

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  1. did you mean a more classier look or a more classical look?
    I really like the dinner there....and I know my dear husband would love it too. It looks like something he cooks....
    my favorite? the clouds which look like water - fabulous.


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