Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Good Start... 
I love steelcut oatmeal. This is what I normally eat every morning after I bike 18-19 miles or a good couple of miles run.
'Trader Joe's' has the best stuff. It is frozen and ready to put in the microwave for only 3 minutes.
You can't get any better than that!
A little Splenda and some golden raisins and off you go.

I really don't like spiders.
This one I have been sitting on for some time. (the photo, not the spider)
It isn't the best capture as far as clarity - but it is all I have. I thought I took more shots.
We were on Ocracoke Island and these huge things were all over the place!! 
It almost looks like there is a face on this one's back end.....ewww...

More Green...
This creature I managed to get closer too...intentionally.
At certain times of the year they are everywhere in the Hatteras region. You can hear their mating serenades at night. Very green...

Close looks...
It seems everything corrodes.
I like to look closer at items and think.
At first you think the item is corroding or breaking down.
Then you think...maybe it is just building up, growing somehow?

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  1. I have a feeling you are going into photography, haha...and I am trying not to look at the spider - ewwwwwwww. I am scared of them.
    Love the photos otherwise though....even the oates.


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