Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(click on the photos to see them better)
This is a sunset over Hatteras Island.
Yeah, it is beautiful. Peaceful and serene.
It's one of those....'you gotta see the baaaaby' moments.
Only this is breathtaking. ;)

A closer look...
I just shot this outside about 30 minutes ago...sitting on one of the poles in my garden.
Just the opposite effect of the photo above.
But still. There are all these little things about this flying bug. (not sure what it is!)

Waiting for dinner...
This bird thinks it will wait. That bug is nothing compared to the fish it is thinking of.
I love going to the harbors and seeing all the gulls and other waterfowl there.
They are all waiting on dinner....all day long. Ha ha ha.

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  1. funny about the seagull, I have a very similar pic, and they always look beautiful. I like the worn wood it's sitting on too.


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