Thursday, July 26, 2012

I took this shot thinking of my son.
Only those who really know Mike, know why.
He loves traffic signs and lights. He can tell you all about what light, the type and where.
Almost anywhere in the city and even away from where we live.
Traveling with him sometimes is exasperating.

Is Vintage - New ? ...  
I keep hearing about 'vintage' things.
Mostly from one of my daughters...she thinks 'vintage' is 'cool'. idea of what is actually vintage is totally different from hers! LOL.
But I love the older look to photos when I work them so I thought I would stick a few up here. All of the above photos were taken in Columbus Ohio; USA. In what is called the Arena District, downtown.

(to see the photos closer, just click on them)

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  1. I like all of the photos, especially the vintage looking one. Or whatever they classify as 'vintage'. For me, vintage means something like fifty years old but I could be totally wrong. Besides, I used an overlay today and made the photo 'look vintage'....whatever, your photos are great.


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