Monday, July 30, 2012

Different shapes and colors pique my interest.

Something simple like a woodpile caught my eye when I was walking down by our garden the other day. I am sure there are a host of insects and little creatures who make this pile their home!
They weren't showing themselves right then.

(as always, click on the photos to see them closer)

I do like looking down - or is it up? when I am out hiking or just looking for a photo op.
This is a different perspective. And of course it was taken in the Fall.
I have been posting some of my photographs at a site called View Bug.
My oldest daughter encouraged me to do this because she enjoys taking photos also - and the site has some fun contests and it is an excellent place to see what others are shooting. It is nice to hear what others think as well. (and it can't hurt to win an award once in

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