Sunday, July 29, 2012

Running Late... 
Nothing yet to upload! I have some photos I want to put here but I am using my iPad so I haven't yet figured how to do this ...yet! I will be back....grrrrr?... Well I am enjoying blogging. It is fun, and a place where I can enter in what I am thinking and of course put some of my day in here; like my photos. I still cannot upload anything from the iPad...I need to look into it more. Technology is awesome but sometimes frustrating! I'll figure it

Little Visitors...
I have so many squirrels that come to my door in the morning, and well, all day. There is a regular female mallard duck - and rabbits...
Chipmunks have been pretty shy until lately. They now almost come up to us to grab a peanut.

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  1. I don't get it - I thought this was supposed to be for FUN and not running around rushing into uploading something? go slow, enjoy, take it easy, smell the roses, relax! I keep telling you. You are giving me the jitters with all this running.


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