Sunday, July 15, 2012

Look closer...

I love taking shots of items close up. Sometimes when you look real close at an object, it is hard to decipher what it is. This is pretty simple. 
A Celtic my garden.

Yeah, it is corn...                                             I have a squirrel bungee that I hang dried corn on. They love it :)

A Headlight

Part of a common grocery cart...

Ok, so that wasn't too challenging. Well. It is Sunday....more tomorrow...Until then I will go see if I can find other shots that might fit into this category.

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  1. needless to say that I love celtic crosses and never thought of taking a pic of them. I have two hanging on the wall, lol. It looks beautiful and I am sure you have it in the perfect place in the garden. Had to giggle at all the other photos....too funny you shooting these things.


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