Monday, July 16, 2012

Ducks in a Row...  

It is sort of early for me to post...just getting my proverbial ducks in a row here.I took this shot a couple of years ago (2010) at one of my very favorite spots in Cincinnati, Eden Park.

I just like for things to be in order - no clutter. Simple to see.
Everything needs to go smooth and as planned. 

As I have gotten older, I find I feel this way more. Not that it is a problem - it actually is nice to be organized.

Now staying in focus? That is another deal....I need to go put in about 20 miles on my bike and then come back to this thought of focus and clutter.

Well I got my "ducks in a row' and biked for over 18 miles. (it was too late to do 20)
I just don't feel right if I do not bike or run everyday. I am very particular about that. Whew...

Just too cute... 

This is my newest grandson Liam. He is at the point where everything goes into his mouth! 
I shot this outside on a blanket; I bet he gets tired of all of us taking photos.
I am going to get him a play cell phone. He is intrigued with everyone's phones. They are always using them to take photos and he just wants them in his mouth! (no- this is not going to be a "grandma" or "mommy" blog but....sometimes those photos are amazing)

Another close look...

I have so many photos that intrigue me. I took this in 2008 -they look like something from outer space!                                                        
(click on the photos to take a closer look!)

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  1. oh, I like and love of course the one of Liam....just wait and see how much fun he is going to be and then you can actually hand him back to his mummy. You are just going to have the fun part. Had to laugh at your grandma and grandpa blog, heheheeeeee. I don't care what you say or do here, it's our blog and we don't care. And I love the pic with the ewwwww, bugs. Very good shot actually. Not to mention the ducks. What a perfect shot and the thoughts to go with it. Though we can't always be perfectly organized. Wished we could. I am the same way, I like everything in order....


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