Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Going to the various lakes around us gives me an opportunity to shoot different things. Sometimes it can be a bit boring so you just start pressing the "button." Boats seem to be all the same but of course they each have their own character. I guess kind of like people.

Changing it up...

I take many of the photos and put them into what we call a 'layout' or digital scrapbook page.
This is what I chose to do with the 'barca'. I love the urban grunge....and yes, you catch a hint of Italian. 

I sometimes catch myself thinking in both languages...quanto e` profonda l'acqua qui?...hmmm...

(click on the photos to see them closer)


  1. lol, you are too funny with the Italian, haha. Not sure if I saw right but barca is spelt wrongly on the photo layout....I would have emailed but can't. My server is down perhaps due to extreme heat over here...grrrr. Looking at the photo makes me feel nice and cool. Seriously, I like the photo, I like all of the ones in your blog, they really go well with your entire theme here.

  2. I just. Cannot get this to type in here right...grrrr.....but....LOL.. You are seeing it right. I am using the plural of Barca...using barche ...more than one. I am saying...boats at the marina. Dang this iPad! Anyway...thank you for the nice thought and I hope your server is back up soon!! Grrrrrrr......I'll BB tomorrow....dang.


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