Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some color...

I figured I should get some photos in here that have more color! With a splash of being freshly watered I went out to snap a few of these gladiolas I have. They don't seem to want to stand up the way I intended so after they seem to droop and break, I just cut them and display them inside in a vase. 
But there is color!

Close up... 
This is even a closer always, to see the photos better - just click on them!
OK, enough flowers - more later.

Imagination...                                                                             (as always. click on the image to see it closer)

OK. I didn't really want to use the blog to load layouts I do...there are other venues for that but...I have been having a very good time with the newest version of CS. 
CS6 is totally cool. Well. I live in PhotoShop anyway so of course I would think that. And I am just getting started. 
Work? What is work? OMG....I better get to work.....hahahaha....

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  1. I love the flowers, the color and of course the water drops. Lol, I like water drops so much that one time I actually dribbled water onto some roses so I could take a pic.


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