Thursday, July 19, 2012


Why is it that sometimes things just go on and on, never ending? Following the same tracks? 
As if spiraling downward like a staircase?
I thought my view of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina was an excellent parallel to the feeling of the constant cycles in life. 
Or rather...this is actually a shot going up? This just occured to me!
Maybe that is an epiphany?

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To the Top...  
So symbolically this could mean the path to the top. To the end? Reaching your goal?

Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right, then it is not yet the end.

I think we all realize eventually - that we really are alone in this world.


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  1. ohh, I do love the perspective on the up and down, a thought to keep if life is going down. I suppose eventually there will be a way up too, lol. I like the Welcome and description too. Much better. xoxo


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