Friday, July 20, 2012

Another day...                                 (remember to click on the photos to see them closer. I am loading the larger format now.)

...another barca (boat) photo. I think this one is my favorite. Taken in 2008 on Ocracoke Island.
Probably everyone who went through town that day got the same shot. ha. 

I have been busy working on a new logo for a client this week but working with my photos is a nice distraction for a few minutes. 
Makes me feel connected to at least something.

Color to the Light... 

I say this because this is a very small and quaint lighthouse. Plain. White. Bianco...maybe even blank?
The light keeper's building paired with the gnarly trees add color to it. Pulls it together. 
We all need some color to our light. Finding it is the journey.
(OK, you knew I had to go somewhere with that. )

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  1. yes, I know you cannot live without a deep thought, haha. Figured...I expect it by now. My favorite shot is of course the little boat. (ok, to make you happy it's 'barca' though I refuse to speak Italian unless I am in Italy.) The shot is beautiful, Amy. Love the colors in it.


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