Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking up... 

I am a little later than usual...weekends are that way.
(I don't think anyone is really reading this anyway)
We took a drive out to a local dairy and I just shot a few photos. 
I sort of like the idea of looking up. I think I need to look up - or forward more.

The Food... 

Of course at a dairy you would find a simple restaurant serving this sort of thing!
The sweet potato bread was too good...I kept it simple with a Belgian Waffle, no whipped cream or butter. Just some strawberries. It was pretty good. I left about a 1/4 of it. (always makes me feel better...LOL)

Another shot upwards... 

I love the look of the barns and silos in the country. (guess it reminds me of city building lines!)
This was a dairy which is known for it's Jersey cattle; I was hoping for some shots of the Jersey cows here. 
Oh no. They were all out in a pasture far away. Since I had NO idea we were going here I only took my small camera. 
The nice one might have been able to capture those cows...
And of course, as we are leaving - I see the cows had all gone back to the barn. Of course.
Enough for today. Maybe I'll post something more interesting tomorrow?


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  1. lol, I am reading it and I love cows.....real cows...I despise the other kind...yes, dear friend, you need to look UP and FORWARD, both...and I would have eaten the other quarter of the waffle with strawberries though I found out the other day that too many make me show spots in my face. Lol, I don't want spots, haha.
    Love your photos...and your rambling. xox


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