Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunset through the Tomatoes

So I started thinking...

I found it interesting that as we grow older sometimes we realize things that may have been hidden to us. 
Basically I have lived my whole life in the suburbs. 

Yeah, that's it. But on top of that realization I have now come to understand just how much I love the urban setting. I love the urban lifestyle and surroundings. With sweat rolling off my forehead thanks to the heat, walking through that concrete jungle is a far cry from strolling through the cornfield. A total different type of sweat. And I have had my share of gardening - I have a beautiful lawn and all that. I really do appreciate the beautiful countryside.... 

The realization that I adore city life comes to a shock to my husband of 37 years who is a total country fanatic. Yes, he enjoys our staunts to the city but he does not have the same appreciation for it as I do. 

I could live there - in a fantastic loft or darling brownstone. He on the other hand, shudders at the thought...
Ah life....funny how the world turns.
Columbus OH - while walking...

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  1. Morning, Amy. And what a great way to wake up and go to blog, haha. Andd ohhh, what a great thought. Love how we realize things about life as we get older - and wiser, of course, hehe. What a great way to show your photos properly. They would not be appreciated in - well, you know where..Waste of time.


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