Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tea - A beginning.....

When we were out at the North Market in Columbus the other day we ran across this Vietnamese counter which was serving some food that looked absolutely delicious! We ordered a bowl and a soft spring roll, then headed home.

Ever since then I have had a craving for this dish!

So...after doing a search here at home, I found that one of the best places in town serving Vietnamese food - was right around the corner from me! Needless to say....we headed out there. The "Little Saigon" is nothing to look at from the outside and all the reviews are all quick to tell you this - but the friendly wait staff and owner; combined with awesome food more than makes up for it! I even like the tea, something I normally do not drink.

Last night we went and ate there again...I personally like the Bun Ga Xao. I like this dish with pork too (Bun Bi)...the mixture of the fresh lettuce and bean sprouts with the yummy vermicelli pairs well. A nice fresh-tasting salad. Add some Sriracha and you are good to go. You have to get a soft spring roll for the beginning. 
I ate mine before I could snap a shot!

I ask for extra cilantro on the just works for me.

A very colorful dish! Yum.
...and of course it was gone...

It is my experience that going to local markets is one of the best ways to sample different foods, from all over. The North Market (in the Arena District) in Columbus Ohio is just another example of that. I love going to markets and picking up local produce and trying something new possibly that I have never had before. 
All around, a very rewarding experience!! (except I didn't get a shot of the Vietnamese counter! It was too crowded)

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