Thursday, August 16, 2012

A nice view...
Just looking through the trees on this bridge is a nice and quiet view.
I can almost feel the leaves in the light breeze...and then as I look closer I can imagine this being a view someone might have had many years ago.
I thought, while I was working with this photo; I could replace the new automobiles with older models and I bet the image would look very vintage. 
Maybe I will try that...but for now, I need to stay more on task.

Workout - done.
CDs sent - in progress.
Lunch - upcoming.
Calls to make - need to do. 
Wish my mother Happy Birthday - doing...
Grocery List - need to do!

So off I go...


  1. ohhh, I love this view, love the angle and the bridge looks the kind of bridge I would shoot too. Very inviting view, Amy and yes, it would definitely change it into heritage if you used old vintage cars with it.
    I am feeling exhausted just looking at your 'to do' list....cute.

  2. Amy, I love how the bridge angles across the bottom of the shot. Bridges used to frighten me; had lots of dreams involving them at one time. Still, they are very evocative. Having the tree branches in the foreground and the skyline in the distance makes for a lovely vista.

    I too need to get to the grocery store before picking up my hubby from the airport tonight.

    Good luck with your chores...........................


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