Friday, August 17, 2012

A Good Time of Year... 
I like this time of year - especially at dinner time. <3
Every year we have a very large garden behind our fenced in yard - and it always seems to do very well. Even in this heat...
Tomatoes are abundant; they are perfect. I am glad we didn't have problems with the plants...they thrived this year. I might go as far as to say they are prize-winning, county-fair quality! LOL
We planted some corn, but the corn in the area did not fare as well as the tomatoes so the squirrels and ground hogs can have at it.
Of course there are Green Bell, Chili, Serrano and yes, Habenero peppers. Those are a bit too hot for me!
It is so nice to be able to walk outside and down to the garden and pick produce that you grew - for the salad you are having at dinner, tonight.
Totally fresh!
And colorful...

Which way? many things. So many directions.
Which way is which?? Up or down?
..or even to the side!?
Stairways can parallel our lives. Always going; in so many directions.
I did get my tasks done yesterday, which is good - but there is this one funny and quirky thing about life.
It's always something. 
Oh gosh, a Roseann RoseAnnaDanna moment.
Always some direction you need to go in...or down...or over.
But that's ok. It is what life is about.
I am just need to make sure all the directions I go in are ones that lead me to where I should be!

(as always, click on the photo to see them closer!)


  1. I really like the journaling for the stairs and the veges look great. Once you taste real garden tomatoes or anything, you just don't want to eat anything grown elsewhere anymore.
    Would you believe it that Arabella just jumped on top of my keyboard and upset my typing??? grrrrrr. She really is a bother at times. Lol.
    Anyway, maybe you can send some of those tomatoes and lettuce over here? lol. My 1" cherry one is still green!

  2. Ah direction...which way to go?!'


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