Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's Saadurrday... 
That's the way my daughter used to say her Jack Russell Terrier would pronounce it. Saadurrday.
A day to lounge for him...he didn't want to get out of the warm bed.
I am trying to get myself in order and not forget anything I need to do I am doing this quickly.
My mother's birthday dinner is tonight and I was working on her gift.
No, it wasn't really last minute...she told me about 7 days ago (sort of out of the blue) that if I wanted to get her something, I could make stationery for her, using her cat Felix...and since I draw dogs, cats and almost anything else it was a normal request. I thought - excellent idea! 
I guess she is tired of gift cards, etc. from
Actually it is a good idea because she is hard to buy for. (I think she thought yesterday when I talked to her - that train tickets to Chicago and a trip was a good birthday idea! hahaha)
She has everything. She turned 76 years old on the 16th. She loves to shop and does it often. So it is hard to actually buy something for her.
I am glad she requested this gift because I ended up doing several drawings. 
Since I am a graphic artist/designer and have produced pieces for reproduction, I knew it needed to be simple.
The final piece or actual letterhead has her two kittens playing from a photo she gave me over a year ago and the top piece is the single cat above. I am not sure which cat this is because my photo is blurry and not long after I took this photo, one died while they both we being neutered. It was a sad story. She rescued these kittens and was being responsible. No one thought the kitten would not survive the standard surgery...
Anyway - the image here is inverted and worked a little different than what is on her letterhead. I was just messing around with it to put up here and I liked the look. Sometimes simple is nice and clean.
I guess keeping things simple is always best.


  1. love the silhouette or whatever of the cat, very effective. It's great when you can actually give something for a gift and it's needed or appreciated. Because as you get older, you normally have everything and what you don't have, you can well afford to buy yourself, so sometimes a tiny idea is the very best and means so much more.


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