Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another view...
I couldn't help it - so I sifted through my photos to find another shot of those Dinos outside the Cincinnati Museum at Union Center.
I just love working with these!
We were wanting to maybe go down to the exhibit there for my mother's birthday this week but the current one ends tomorrow. (and it was on Pompeii!)
Oh well. Maybe next week we can head down there just to look around. There is plenty to do there that is for sure.
And I have a long list of what-to-dos.

It is early...
Early post today. It is just barely Sunday here.
I was in the computer so why not? Sundays or weekends in general can be hard for me to find time to even open up the computer!
I am contemplating a trip...soon. But I am not sure when.
My eyes and head are tired of planning though.

We thought we could do something we haven't done....maybe take a train somewhere.
I have gone from one coast to the other just about.

I think I will end up in Chicago and then compromise (for my husband's sake) and route us some where south.
Like at the Gulf. Or maybe out west. I looked into Utah...pretty scenery there.
When I decide - we will go....and I look forward to shooting some awesome shots!
For now? I have no idea what I am doing today. 
I guess getting some sleep first might be a good idea. LOL.
And I am tired...

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