Monday, August 13, 2012

Always looking...
...for that shot. The one with everything. Ha!
This is just a shot down a road...actually it is in a cemetery.
The lines are long and lean...with the length of road going off and the height of the trees going up in contrast. I loved pulling some of the highlights out of the trees and grass in this one and leaving the shadows looming.
This place seems to always have a constant breeze too.
The photo gives the viewer a quiet, calm feeling I hope because the grounds are vast and very quiet. Reserved. Unstated actually...but I don't really like being there. Maybe it is because everything is flat to the ground. I find that lacking. No character?

Yesterday seemed to be one of those days that were busy but yet felt like you did nothing.
It can drive you nuts! But...that is the way most Sundays are.

(click on the photos to see them closer)

Sometimes you just need to say - stop. Turn it off.
I was sitting in my truck the other day, doing a task that really wasn't something I needed to do - just a task for someone else.

So I was just sitting there. Thankfully it only took ten minutes but I just snapped a few photos of the

Funny, this one says OFF.

Sometimes you just want to turn that knob in your life to OFF. Leave it...
I think that is exactly what I was thinking when I shot this.
But in reality there isn't an OFF switch.

" Just when you think the road is going no where; Just when you almost gave up all your dreams,
They take you by the hand and show you that you can...There are no boundaries..."

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  1. love photos from the cemetary and looking at this makes you truly feel peaceful. I like how the shadows are reflected and you get the feeling of never ending expanse.


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