Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life is Grand...
Nothing spectacular today. Simple stuff.
Back to a favorite spot...perfect for a evening for dinner in a nice restaurant where the area offers so much in entertainment, even if it is just a walk through the streets.
I like the whole look here, from the cobbled streets to the architecture in the buildings around. I think maybe the next time we visit we might take in a movie at this theater. Love the idea as long as it is a film we want to see! Across from this small nook is the huge arena where all the big shows and sports events happen. If you keep walking through you can find other gems to walk into and experience.

I definitely enjoy a day here. And obviously shooting as many photos as one can while still enjoying the time there.

Loving the ambiance...
Talk about a nice dinner! Perfect place is right here.
Super nice wait staff. Like most places, they didn't mind photos at all! That is a good thing.
The interior design is nice too. Warm tones and those copper ceiling tiles on the high ceiling above you. The center has a bar area the place has an odd shape in general but it adds to the charm in my opinion.
But the real thing was the food. Excellent. Of course we have to drive a little over an hour to get there but it is worth it. And we more than know a good place when we see one. 
Maybe I should write a book...

The Bison rib-eye at Ted's is right up there with even pricier places, and snootier staffs. LOL.
A definite yes and must go place.
We keep saying we will go to several other places in this district but...that ribeye is hard to pass on.

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  1. it sounds great, Amy....now I wonder why I get the idea you are trying to tell me something? hahaha....sure Ted's must be a 'nice' place but that's not the kind of place I was talking about, dear. Sorry to disappoint. It sounds nice though with the copper tiled ceiling. And I am glad you enjoy it.


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