Thursday, August 2, 2012

Attack! ...Or is it?
Who is the idiot that put these Dinosaurs in such a small fenced area!?
I love this shot I took in 2009 - and love having fun with it.
It is one of those shots you take just knowing what you can do with it.  
The Cincinnati Ohio skyline is looming off in the distance - unsuspecting of the possible attack.
No attack...these two dinos (mother and baby) were the outside display at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Station for the Dinosaur exhibit in 2009.
Wouldn't this have been a wonderful front page for the Cinc'y Enquirer!?

...More Cincinnati Art
Beautiful structure in a gorgeous park area. You can walk there from the Krohn's Conservatory easily. and park after a nice lunch at the Rookwood. This way you can see some of the famous pottery thrown and fired in the Rookwood when it was in full swing. The pottery was well known, world-wide!
We just enjoy the views...

(click on the photos to see them pop!)

"Take a step before you leap... Into the colors that you seek....You get back what you give away; So don't look back on yesterday..."

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