Friday, August 3, 2012

Small Friends...
I have a small group of about 10+? squirrels that visit me every day. 
Some days they appear to be more visible than others. I guess it depends on how hungry they are! And whether the "squirrel grapevine" is open or not.
This one is sitting close to me on my mailbox right outside the door.
They all know to come to my house...I do have a few that will take a peanut out of my hand. One I call 'mama', (ok, she was the first squirrel I fed and she just happened to have a litter of babies at the time. They were very cute to watch) well Mama comes to me almost always. She is slow and very soft/sweet when she takes her peanut. She has even stepped inside my door on occasion. I am afraid she is getting old though...and there are a lot of Red-tailed hawks around. It does worry me...
In the last couple of days I have noticed two particular chipmunks. Seems they are wising up. Or getting braver...or hungrier. Or all the above.
I have one that I know recognizes my voice. Yesterday I stepped out to go to the grocery store and I saw a chipmunk at the bird feeder.
I didn't think much about it - figured I would say something to it and see what it did. After all, I was leaving.
It looked interested - so I unlocked the door and got some peanuts to throw out. (btw, these things eat! I think my dogs were cheaper)
I didn't see the chipmunk...not at first. I looked to toss, and there he was...coming closer.
This chipmunk came when I called tickled me. As long as I stand there talking to it and of course offering a peanut - it comes right to my feet.
Just some little friends...

A Work...
I thought I would put a piece up that is, in progress so-to-speak.
It may not look like much right now - or maybe you like this look. I do - but I am actually working to paint out the leaves I want the viewer to see. 
I guess I am being selective.
There is more to it than what it might seem. Last I counted there were only about 10 layers. Which isn't a lot. Not in my world. I am trying to keep it down though...LOL. Yeah, right.
Of course I will work with this until I like it - I like it now but I have a vision of what else I could do. I might lessen some of the detail in my outlines. 
Pull more color out - or not. Either way, whatever I do to this it will hopefully look like a finely detailed painting. A photo painting. Oh what one can do...

I will post the final image when I am happy with it. Side-by-side. Maybe there will not be a huge difference? You can be the judge...

"Have you lost your way? Livin' in the shadow of the messes that you made... And so it goes Everything inside your circle starts to overflow..."

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  1. yes, I noticed....and I feel guilty. I add, not take away though it all depends. Each page one creates is different...but until you mention it, I never thought about the amount of layers.


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