Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Goodies... 
Super fresh!
As I said before, this is a good time of year for gardens and for eating out of them!
I took this head of cabbage and cut it up, shredded-like and cooked it for dinner.
Just a bit of water, real butter and some garlic and salt/pepper.
Steam it for about 12 minutes....you will know when it is ready!
Along with the fresh tomatoes - cut up...with some nicely grilled pork chops and mashed potatoes. (no, I didn't grow potatoes this year....lol)
Super easy meal...and good.
The peppers? Ah....well....those are going with the balance of what we picked (tomatoes) into a bowl with some cilantro, diced onion and garlic. 
Excellent fresh salsa!!

OK - this was a simple day....what can I say? I sort of have had my hands full today :)


  1. ha, if I had to cook for two, I most certainly would be cooking this delicious sounding meal including the salad. It sounds totally yummy.

  2. Love the photo btw. I keep forgetting to look here.


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