Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sometimes you feel... a slug; sometimes you don't!
Thankfully I am not a slug. Like this one I captured this morning on the edge of my deck.
Amazing creatures actually...very interesting to look at close-up.
Reminds me of a snake in the texture of it's skin...I let it go.
Don't really like killing these things even though I know they wreak havoc on plants. I don't really care...mine seem to balance out just fine.
Just a strange thought...

Oh Lavero...

I know people probably think I am nuts or silly.
But...I don't care.
Andrea Bocelli has the most amazing voice. And I was privileged to witness it in person. Just listening to his voice, the control, the ease and beautiful timbre - it is so calming.

Andrea sings
'Oh Mio Rimorso' from La Traviata...that  always is one of those songs that amazes me every time - especially that last note, "Oh lavero`". 
OMG. Breathe
 (I usually listen to one of my Verdi CDs in my iPhone while biking...Verdi's scores just are moving.)

Even my husband who is not an Opera fan (but is now a Bocelli fan!) kept saying during the performance - breathe...take a breath! 
It is amazing because Andrea has such a presence on stage and he is so humble in his movements and the way he carries himself. It almost looks like he is not singing - that is how effortless it is for him. (I am sure it is not) But I was struck by that. And enjoyed it. No flaying of arms or jumping up and down or anything. The women he chooses to sing with him for some pieces are also so very talented - the whole concert is worth every penny spent. He just stands there and sings. Soak it in.
I think Celine Dion said it right:  "If God had a voice, it would sound like Andrea Bocelli."

Oh onta, onta laverò.
Sì laverò.
Laverò, laverò.
Oh, laverò!

("Oh, shame, shame, I wash it away. Yes, I wash it away. I wash it away, I wash it away. Oh, I wash it away!")

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  1. Fabulous shot of the slug. Havne't seen one of these for a few years. Can't say I miss them, but I like the pattern and texture you captured.

    I too, love Andrea's music. I've been on a Four Tops binge this last week. Maybe I'll move on to Bocelli now. I typically jump around from genre to genre. I know you adored his concert. When you see a great one, it can stay with you for years.



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