Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cute Mud Boots!
Down and dirty.... 
Just for fun. Not saying where I was when I shot these cute boots!
And with my iPhone at that. Yeah, I guess you can get some good shots with a phone.  
(They are better than they used to be.) I do like that photos are automatically sent to my iPad and computer. That is a good thing.
I really need a pair of these boots though.
They are so cute with so many different looks and prices.
I probably wouldn't wear them too much but then does rain here - well, not much lately. I could see wearing this type of boot in a casual setting or maybe just light shopping. 
 Especially when the weather is not as nice as it is now.

It is refreshing to have something in your wardrobe that is fun and happy. Not always so serious or sultry.... just because I am not a teenager does not mean I have to wear boring and stereo-typed shoes or clothes for that matter...there is nothing worse than so-predictable and so-old-ish and definitely boring... Knowing the difference between what is outdated or overdone vs. stylish with a touch of fun and yes, class - is something many people get lost in. Afraid of. Afraid of wearing something that is new or different. 
It does not always have to stay within the 'lines' to be good. My mother is 76 years old and she dresses with flair and class and staying right in there with the trends - for the most part. Knowing what to wear - where and when makes a difference too.

That reminds me...I need to start going through my clothes for the upcoming season. And that includes shoes!

Portia in Black  & Mossimo Fuchsia Pumps
A really big shoe...
Ok. Couldn't resist that stupid line.
I am a shoe addict.
I love shoes.
These are two of just my many pairs. I love the black ones. They are comfortable and go well with anything. The other pair I have never worn! (and they are actually fuchsia in color. My editing sort of took that away)
I just like looking at, I am that way with most my shoes. I wear them sporadically. It depends where and what you are wearing but I love the look to shoes - especially the 5" heels. They are all so unique. I would probably love designing shoes...
I know all the good shoe sites too...When I bought the Portia's I was looking for a nice black bootie but it was in the spring and they were no where to be found. Now I am seeing them again so....I will get several colors of nice booties (ankle boots) for Fall and Winter this year.
I need a bigger closet or better yet, a real nice SHOE closet! LOL


  1. I really feel inspired to start posting at my blog.....but then I can chat here and wonder why I bother, hahaha. Love the photo though I would not wear the boots, haha unless I am wading through nice damp grass in the meadows in England.
    And now I feel totally guilty because most of my clothes are bought or made in Italy or France and well, they are classic.

  2. Well. The operative word here was fun. Sigh.

  3. Do it!! Never let anyone define style for yourself. Sometimes the style we want is costly; we all have to indulge sometimes. Lol


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