Friday, August 24, 2012

Fountain @ Fraze
Being centered...
I was out early this morning and was able to capture some shots. Nothing remarkable.
It was around 8 was nice and quiet in this local park.
I liked the idea of having this particular shot. I thought about it for a fleeting moment in my head. You don't always know what you capture at times until you bring it up to edit...I love how I was able to catch the water drops and how they contrast with the focus of the foliage. The droplets were not in focus. They were not the objective.
I didn't see them at first.

I think it is a good thing to try to be centered. To be focused.

In art, always being perfect and 'in line' isn't necessary. There are rules. I guess some are unwritten or not taught - - maybe they are just 'born' into you in some intuitive manner. 
In the end art is about the viewer and what they perceive; what the viewer takes away.

I like being centered. I like a certain order.
Keeping things in place. perspective.
Sort of like this fountain. Keeping it in the center of it all.

"Before you break, you have to shed your armor; Take a trip and fall into the glitter..."


  1. Neat photo, Amy. Almost looks like a glass filter. Wonderful how you captured the bouncing droplets. I agree with liking and needing a certain order, but at this point, trying to sell my house has become almost obsessive and I need the more blurry boundaries of photoshopping, where there is no 'perfect', just interpretation.

  2. I wondered if you were still in the process. Yes, I definitely AGREE about the blurring then!!! Thanks for coming in here Sharon....

  3. love the fountain and the idea of remaining centered. Though I have to admit, I am feeling great not being focused right now. Finished the book and it's a great break away from focus...even when I snap a shot of my miserable little tomatoe plants, haha.


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