Thursday, August 9, 2012

la Porta...
Like most people, I like doors. Old doors with character. la porta.
Add this to the list of interesting things...
- bridges
- pathways (and that can be almost anything!)
- windows...
Walking downtown brings you upon lots of treasures. This is a beautiful chiesa (church) in Columbus Ohio, almost across from the state capitol. (close)
This church is amazing....and I think I might have brought out the real centerpiece of this photo. 
The detail!
(as always, click on the photos to see them closer!)

More lines...
This is more modern compared to the church above!
We have stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus a few times and the building alone is impressive.
From this vantage point you can see the actual hotel through the lines...the hotel is up on a platform of sorts. It is quite large and connects to the convention center.
This is a shot through what they call the Atrium.
Anyone to the Bar on 2? (lol)
Just an interesting POV.

Totally off....
Now this is way off the subject of lines and POVs.
I have had the opportunity to scan some photos.
Most of them are not my family. They are my husbands'.
That is fine....many contain my children and some with myself. (whew...not too many of me!)

This is my Grandfather. My mother's father. He died in March 1991.
He was one of the very good male figures in my life. 
I am not sure of the date of this photo - I did not exist when it was taken. 
I only knew my Grandpa to have white
He was an extremely intelligent man. Quiet, patient... gentle.
I learned a lot from him. He taught me to play chess when I was very young and that was not cool, then. Grandpa played multiple boards at a time. With other players all over the world. What would he think now of the internet and texting etc? He did this all by was very clever actually. Even done with recordings on cassette...his most interesting board was one made from an old movie screen. This had a chess board on it and slots for the pieces to be put into. I need to find a photo of that - or the actual board! I could play chess but I drew the line at his 3-D set...enough.
Grandpa would play his baby grand piano for me all the time. My favorite, and he knew it, was Fur Elise by Beethoven. I played the violin for 5-7 years? - he always would tease me by asking me how my 'fiddle' playing was coming along. I of course learned to read music but not really for the piano so he watched me play pieces by ear. I think he got a kick out of that. I am to inherit this is still in the house. He is not there but...I cannot wait to delve into the many boxes of photos. I am not sure, but I think I can safely say my grandfather has been to every continent. Lots of traveling...later when he would visit here at my house he would always ask about my dogs...he knew they meant a lot to me and it felt good that someone noticed.

I miss having someone so positive in my life. He thought the world of me...a fantastic role model for anyone.
I was blessed for this.


  1. in a way I feel sad reading the story about your grandfather. Not because I lost mine at a very young age, but because my life as a child and young girl growing up in Germany was surrounded with love and positivity. I think that's why I have always been sure of myself.
    Love your photos - we know we love doors, windows and almost anything weird, haha. Actually the church portal reminds me of the church in Hiddingsel where my got married.....

  2. you don't have to translate 'porta' or chiesa, hahaaaaaa. I get it, hahahaaaaaaa. Lol, you are funny.

  3. Sabina! Oh no - my childhood was very happy. I think it is important to reflect on things and I had good male figures in my life. My grandfather was just one. My father was another...and several uncles who are still important! Super positive and successful people. With good hearts as well. :)

    And I know - you know - what porta and chiesa are!! was not meant for you!!

  4. Your photos and musings are whetting my appetite to crank up Photoshop once again. I have spent some time playing with some old pics over the last week, one, a 'perspective' shot of a Chicago sidewalk and houses and another some mausoleum doors. You and I have similar tastes and interpretations. Keep it coming..............

  5. Oh I want to see these so bad! I am telling you, CS6 is da bomb. I can't wait to get into work every day because of it...but I end up, well, you know. LOL. I think we might make a trek to Chicago soon. Great photo ops. LMK if you ever scrap or showcase your work. You are so talented Goshi. THANKS! <3


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