Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Such a face...
I love the look she gives. Her markings accentuate her expressions!
This is daughter's French Bulldog.
Her disposition is wonderful, especially with the new baby in the house.

The computer is mad at me...
I have so many photos and love seeing what I can do with them.
This is really putting my processor through the ringer!
I think it is mad at me, I know I would be ... LOL
The photos were taken at Cowan Lake, in Ohio.
It is a pretty quiet place; no jet skis or anything.
The detail of the leaves got me on this one.
(remember to click on the photos to see them closer)

... And then
There is this photo with the old wood detail.
The sun was setting so it was a good time to shoot some photos. I didn't get many in. If I remember correctly I was using my DSLR when the battery went dead. I pulled out the small camera I carry and it went dead too. 
No, I was obviously not planning to take photos that evening!
I guess these are a bit different from the urban shots.
There is something I love in both venues...


I can't be done blogging without another urban grunge fix.
Just a simple entry way. Going up of course.
This is what I just love to do...look for things and then bring them back home and open them up and go to town. Yeah, I am sick...

Taking and working with photographs is a nice distraction for me.
I think sometimes that is the only thing keeping me sane!
More later...or tomorrow. I really do need to get to work.
It's funny. I come in here with some sort of idea of what I want to say.
I thought I would be more in depth with some feelings today.
I decided to just wing it and not be so serious.

" Before you break you have to shed your armor; Take a trip and fall into the glitter, tell a stranger that they're beautiful. So all you feel is"

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  1. ohhhh, what a fabulous photo treatment both in Greta's pic and the scenes. Lovely.


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