Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alex Raskin Antiques
Before I even stepped into this beautiful mansion - I knew it was something special. 
Just the detail of the windows alone caught my attention.

The presence of the building alone is amazing. 
15' ceilings and rooms the size of a normal home.
I think I counted 5 floors....the 5th we did not go into.

This is actually an antique store now...I had no idea of the building's history as we walked by.

Formerly the Noble Hardee Mansion, this is the last unrestored grand mansion in Savannah. 
You cannot help imagining what this mansion looked like long ago. 
I think that is something you cannot help doing when you walk through the rooms...which are full of a wide variety of unique antiques - from so many different eras.


  1. Oh my goodness those windows are so ornate! Beautiful building. Savannah seems like it has such romance. 5 floors - yikes, I don't like 2, but then again, I have never had any servants. Love the front porch railing, too; so elegant.

  2. when I walk through these old houses, I always wonder how the people actually spent their time, how they looked, what was their life like. I love nothing more than an old house and even if mine was only 160 years old, it's still a lot of generations. Just imagine the servants here? I would love to have seen the attic. Of course, I love the windows, the double sash...I wonder if the hinges are still original ? lol, they are murder to operate when painted over.


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