Friday, September 28, 2012

Boat-Tailed Grackle @ Folly Beach
There is something about this photo that I can relate to.
If being honest? I think most people can.

I take so many random shots.
The boat-tailed grackles on this pier intrigued me.
I watched them, photographed a few and I even took a small video of the "talking" they do.
(When I took this shot I was not intending to get the bird in it.)

On a closer look when processing photos - I found myself thinking inwards.

Almost Irrelevant.

There are times when I am this bird.
Out there, watching the world around me.
Isolated. Off to the side, maybe in a corner like he is...almost as if I were totally irrelevant to the world.

No, it is not a good feeling. It is almost scary.
It is scary.
But yet I cannot help thinking that it is a part of life and all those emotions everyone experiences.
Getting back - that is just another hurdle.


  1. I am sorry to hear this isolation, I can really feel it. And no, I have not felt isolated but maybe because I like standing in the middle rather than the edge - the photo is fantastic. Love the clarity here and the feeling I get from it personally is not isolation, but of solitude or aloneness - which I love anyway.

  2. Love your photograph! I see shelter, protection and an open view. Close to nature, yet somewhat protected from it. It reminds me of a maze which can be scary, but here there are many ways out and no claustrophobia. I think I would take a few deep breaths and enjoy the view and the crazy grackles, of course. One of the things about photography or any visual stimulus, we all have different interpretations.


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