Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All is Calm...
Forsyth Park; Savannah GA
I like this photo because of the calm it brings.
Quiet. Peaceful. Serene.

I like to think there is a balance to everything.
Some days just don't cut it though.

So on those days, picking a photo and working with it is a great therapeutic way to overcome things that just aren't in balance.

Whatever they may be.

I actually have done a lot to this photo.
There were people walking towards this gorgeous fountain in the center.

Love how we can alter our own little 'worlds' this way!

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  1. oh my God, I just want to go back. I love love Georgia, the hanging moss, the old trees. Isn't it a treat? and the smell? love it. Yes, it's very peaceful and you caught it beautifully.


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