Monday, September 24, 2012

Wilton Ave; Chicago
Love the Feeling...
...walking down certain streets brings us certain feelings.
I took this down a neighborhood street in Chicago a few weeks ago and it brings to my mind a feeling of calm and quiet.

The street was exceptionally quiet and the weather was warm. I think it had rained earlier that day, in the morning. As it was it was before lunch when I snapped this.

The buildings' appeal captures the eye of those passing by.
I enjoyed seeing the detail in the architecture and the lines the fences created as they went down the street, one after one.

Wilton Ave; Chicago
The sense I take away from this shot is one of being wrapped or carefully being cloaked in a sea of vines and leaves.
The home seems to be overtaken by the growing vines and outside foliage;
leaving the viewer to wonder how long until the structure is totally swallowed!

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  1. Now I can finally see why you have a problem with the blog because yes, you are right: the photos don't show up as detailed as the ones in the link. Did you try to make them large? or x-large in the blog? that usually shows them properly and takes up the width of the blog...
    but truthfully? I actually love the ones in the blog or the way they look. Lol.


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