Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Navy Pier...out
Did the beautiful weather go? It seems like I am in some other place.
We go away for a couple of weeks and viola. The warm is gone!
I decided to make a dish I had in the low country last week.
Yeah, shrimp and grits....something I had never tasted before.
The creamy yumminess was just too much. 
I had to get it!
So I set out to replicate the dish the best I could.
It turned out pretty good...I think I could adjust a few things.
Maybe not so much cheese in the grits and it might loosen them up some but...
The dish on the whole was very good and successful. Everyone liked it so...
I will make this one again!
Just like the Chicago hot dog I ate, and I never eat hot dogs....I am a fan of the shrimp and grits; low country style....


  1. Amy, your warm weather may be gone, but it's still hot here. It's always hot here! We have lived in the south for a lot of years and grits is just something that does not please my palate. So glad to hear you entertained all of your senses during your trip, not just the visual. Now, a Chicago hot dog is something I love; pure comfort food.

    Love your photo, but don't I always?

  2. love your ramblings and really changes a photo from not just being a 'shot' and makes it more of a view. Hm, not sure if i expressed that right, hehe. And no, like Goshi, I can't stand grits and I am not really into polenta either. But I do love hotdogs - at Costco - of all places...with Sauerkraut....


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