Friday, September 21, 2012

Station @ Grand
Another POV...
I like this shot too. 
It is interesting to sit and watch the trains come through.
Clean, crisp lines. Going away...or coming towards you.

I have left this photo almost as shot. (ok, it is hard for me to leave it)
I am going to change how I do photos here in this blog.
When you look at them closer they don't look all that great. I am not sure if it is this format ...(which I think it is) but the photos look so - way so much better in original format.
So I will be loading them to the website, in their own pages. 
What is the point in showcasing my work if I looks horrible!?

That's it for now. It has been a busy and disjointed day here!


  1. wellllll, cough cough, but I really love this photo and it does not look different when I click on it. It looks larger but perfectly clear ? hmm. I am going to check it out but can't see anything wrong with it. And don't you also love the wind blowing or the whistle kind of wind when it's the train is coming in?

  2. I've looked at this photo a number of times. I like the perspective, of course, but the colors and textures are the real pleasers here for me. The blue is amazing. This is definitely one of my favorites of your travel pics.


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