Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Change how you see the world"
Nice slogan...
I snapped this one today while traveling...the slogan seemed to hit a chord.
I liked it...
"change how you see the world"...
I thought pairing this cup with my glasses and iPhone was making a statement as well.
How we see the world and our daily lives has really changed over the years.
You can virtually share experiences with people while it is happening. 

That is amazing.

Chicago River

Interesting views...
I am going to load some photos as I get time. Just a few random shots I have been shooting and working with. I love opening up the folders and seeing close-up what I might have done that day.
You can always find something you like!

The first one is the Chicago River with one of those boat tours going past. It was warm and sunny - almost too sunny for photographing things.

Chicago Fire Escape

I love shots of lines.
Lines going in sync or lines crossing and creating their own path.
Fire escapes fascinate me.
Of course the draw of the urban grunge look is always there too. Love the reflection of the building in the glass.
It is always interesting to see pops of green in settings like this. Places that are normally thought to be devoid of that sort of life.
In my mind, it just adds to the character of the venue.

Note: I started this post on Monday but...time got away from me!


  1. Oh girl, you're getting me excited for Scott Kelby's photowalk through the riverside/loop area in October. I know you'll have hundreds of pictures. Enjoy........................

  2. great photos, love of course the river but also i like the urban feel which I totally understand. I can see how much you feel at home in urbanity....Have fun, Amy.


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