Sunday, September 2, 2012

Half Full... 
I take photos of so many silly or random things.
It is funny because there really is no rhyme nor reason to them.
When I work a photo, I work it for the sheer pleasure of creating a feeling or just adding something unique to it. I just go in and try to get a feel for the image itself.

This one is no exception.
It came to me while I was working the image...
Is this glass half empty? Or is this as I see it according to my title - half full?
I would like to think I see things more positive. It just seems the right way to be. Some days it certainly takes more work to see things half full.
If you are constantly negative - it seems to just funnel more negativity. 
How sad it would be to always view your world as half empty. 
I like that I can find something inside a simple picture, one that wasn't really meant to mean anything in particular.
That to me - seems kind of, extraordinary.


  1. I am always tickled with your everyday photos. I have to admit I'm more of a 'glass half empty' kind of girl, but I can still enjoy a half glass of wine! May wish for more, but can enjoy what's in my glass.

  2. hehe, I am more a glass of half full, haha. Aren't we funny and so different but that's what's so great. And blogging is too. We learn things about each other. So fun. Actually looking at the glass I really feel thirsty. I like the lime slices in it. Don't have any here though. Ok, so I have a glass of wine with Goshi, hahaha.


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