Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another day...
Red Bark Japanese Maple Leaves
I cannot believe it is already September.
Where did that last year go? It seems like the year has zipped by!
It should be a reminder to myself that I need to take my time and manage it better? Or just try to take every day one at a time. It is too easy to get way ahead of yourself.
That is something I do too often.


 Almost Alien... 
I saw this Praying Mantis on the deck yesterday. He   was just sitting there. When I shot this I was hoping to capture his eyes. (I  am assuming it is a he) 
I think caught his look - the eyes are almost eerie! Insects look  like aliens to me. Maybe that is why in all those movies they depict them that way...alien.

I need to post this and get moving. I have a load of things to do today!


  1. hehe, yes, you are right, especially certain insects or bugs....they do look like aliens. Lol, great observation, Amy. And Of course I love Japanese Maples. Great shots, especially the 'alien'...kind of cute actually.

  2. Love the praying mantis pic! They are such awesome looking creatures. Great snapshot!


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