Friday, August 31, 2012

Thoughts on thinking... 
Mind Explosion
I had an idea of what I would blog about today but my head has gotten sort of fuzzy now that I am in here. I just hate that.
Maybe I will think of it later. Maybe not.
There comes a time when I need to stop thinking. 

It just seems to get in the way.
It's amazing how we have all these ideas late at night when we are supposed to be sleeping. I wish there was some sort of switch to turn that off. Or wait - maybe a "hold" button that you can click on when you have taken in the sleep your body desperately needs. LOL.
Yeah, right. It doesn't work that way.

This photo I took quick the night we were out on a different side of town. It wasn't taken with my good camera; just the small one I carry in my bag. 
I always look at the artwork and find it interesting; even if others don't. 
I bet if they thought about it they would appreciate it more. But I know...defacing property is not good. This wall has not been taken down - or cleaned off. I guess it has been there a long time so the owners must like it. Which is good I guess.
My mind gets to going - just like all the action in the artwork.
Getting it off the wall and into action is the next step.

Note: I have been stepping out of the car and shooting random shots ever since I can remember. I used to take my 'good' camera with me all the time.
This isn't a new thing for me...I just have hard drives full of shots; just sitting there. 


  1. I cannot wait until I can shoot this wall with the boys. It was so much cooler than I thought. OH and yes you have always taking pictures outside of the car in random places. nothing new lol

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  3. I love graffiti in odd places and this is great. Lol, I know you have been taking pics forever...haha. My Dad was like that too, and maybe that's why I did NOT.
    I concede though that it is great fun having a digi camera. Keep posting.

  4. lol, now I made a mess, but maybe you can remove my empty comment. Anyway, I like the graffiti and I like that you take pics like a busy bee, so keep doing it. Stop worrying. You are amazing. And I am going to sleep, with a book and all those bright graffiti colors in my head. xoxox


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